About the Author

I'm a writer from Tallahassee who chases my crazy kids around the house all day before collapsing in front of my computer.

I write everything from fairy tales to zombies. I write what's exciting to me, no matter where my imagination leads me. (The muse likes to bounce around sometimes.)

Other little tid-bits: I'm a dog person (I have a German Shepherd named Guybrush), I like to run and majored in Psychology (which explains why I'm a little nuts) at Florida State with a minor in English (which explains the whole writing thing).

Church keeps me pretty busy (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and of course I always love spending time with my husband. He's pretty much awesome.

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog using the link in the sidebar. That way, you can get my posts sent to your inbox. (It's just easier that way.)

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