May 23, 2009

Writing Course that Covers Everything

I found a course that covers everything: plot, structure, character, generating ideas, outlining, marketing, query writing, editing and revising, scenes, pacing, genres, you name it, it's covered. Extensively.

It would take years to gather this information on your own. It's go-at-your-own-pace. Lessons are posted regularly.
There's also a support group where you can get advice from other writers. The teacher is amazing and has published over 30 novels herself.
I don't know if I want the 6 month course or the 12 month course, but I looked at some sample stuff and it's well worth it.
Anyway, for anyone else who's interested, the link is:

Also, if you want a list of helpful software for writers, (there's a whole section of free stuff!) read this post.

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