November 3, 2009

Gentlemen: Start Your Computers!

And the games begin!

Okay, as promised, a short post to help you stay sane as we begin National Novel Writing Month.

This is taken from Brandon Sanderson's Alcatraz versus The Scrivener's Bones:

Writers-- particularly storytellers like myself-- write about people. That
is ironic, since we actually know nothing about them.

Think about it. Why does someone become a writer? Is it because they like
people? Of course not. Why else would we seek out a job where we get to spend
all day, every day, cooped up in our basement with no company besides paper, a
pencil, and our imaginary friends?

Writers hate people. If you've ever met a writer, you know that they're
generally awkward, slovenly individuals who live beneath stairwells, hiss at
those who pass, and forget to bathe for weeklong periods. And those are the
socially competent ones.

I thought this quote would be fitting for our big November send-off. Now go hole yourselves up in a secluded room somewhere and get writing!

By the way, I would love to hear about your projects and how your first day went. Feel free to leave comments. :)


taborer said...

I broke the 3K barrier last night. Woohoo!

Am I buddies with you on NaNoWriMo?


Unknown said...

My username is jollygreen23 on Nano. Congrats on the milestone! I'm just a bit behind you.

Tori said...

I'm at 5k. Hopefully I break 7 or 8k tomorrow. I'm going to a write-in and am praying for something big. I need it. Only Day Three and I already feel drained.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm finding that the first 500-800 words are a breeze. Then I need to take a break. So I get my writing done in three segments.

Maybe this is a sign that I need more exciting scenes to keep me motivated.

I hope the write-ins help!

globalgal said...

I'm at 6001 words, plodding along... I am not impressed by my writing at all, but getting back into a daily writing routine feels wonderful. For the last few years I've mostly been writing grad school papers and blogging... need to shake the cobwebs off the fiction part of my brain, I guess.

Unknown said...

Yeah, NaNo is great for so many things, including discipline. And you may find that once you get all the "stale" ideas out, you're full of fantastic story ideas that you can add in when you revise!

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