January 4, 2011

The YA Writer (Part 2)

Moving right along in this (rather short) series on YA. This post covers characters in young adult fiction.

First Novels Club writes about the Various Nefarious Ones: Villains/Antagonists in YA. It covers all the "types". Entertaining and helpful.

And to go right along with it, Dissecting the Token Bad Boy (and where to draw the line between alluring and just plain psycho). This can be a tricky problem and has brought SO much criticism down on the heads of YA writers.

The Nuclear Family in MG or YA Fiction addresses an interesting question: why is it that young adult characters never come from a traditional, unbroken family?


L.A. Colvin said...

This is perfect and is right on time with my wip. Thanks

Unknown said...

It's my pleasure. I'm glad it helps!

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