March 31, 2013

Snow White and Zombies is out!


It's available at Smashwords now! And you can talk about it on Goodreads.

I know some people like to buy directly from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or iTunes, etc... If Snow White and Zombies isn't already available at your preferred site, rest assured it will be there soon. Smashwords says it usually takes a week to show up. With The Fairy Tale Trap it took a couple of days. With Cinderella and Zombies, it took two weeks. I know--I'm frustrated, too.

March 30, 2013

Hint, hint

Snow White and Zombies comes out tomorrow! Please make sure you're signed up for the Insiders mailing list (hint, hint) so you can have access to, oh I don't know, discounts on future books...stuff like that...

March 5, 2013

Are you an Insider?

I'm nothing without my readers.

If I don't have an audience, then I'm just typing words on a screen that no one else will ever see. So when I write a book, I have you, gentle reader, in mind.

My job is to make you happy.

Well, I was sitting there, thinking about the most awesome way to release Snow White and Zombies on the 31st. Then I thought: why not ask you?

So, naturally, I turn to my Insiders.

This is a group of readers that want to be a part of the next book, the next promotion, or the next contest. These are my go-to people when I need input. In return, I try to give them first dibs on coupons. Also, I actually use their ideas in books.

Lately, my Insiders have been on facebook. They helped me design the cover for Snow White and Zombies and they came up with one of my main characters' names. (I was stuck, and they really pulled through.) I also have great readers here, on the blog.
Awesome facebook followers make
awesome book covers.

But what happens if my blog crashes? Or, heaven forbid, what if something happens to facebook? Facebook can take my author page down any time they want, without notice, and without a good reason. That's crazy!

So I want to make sure all my best supporters, those readers that want to know everything, are all in one place.

That's why I have an Insiders email list.

This is where I send discount coupons FIRST. It's also where I'd like to go for advice and input on my books as I write them. I have amazing readers and it would be pretty cool to get a little community of fairy tale-lovin' enthusiasts in one place.

At the moment, we're trying to figure out something special to do for the release of Snow White and Zombies. Come join the discussion!

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