August 11, 2013

The Fairy Tale Twist (The Ivy Thorn Series #2)

Progress: Now Available

Ivy has figured out how to keep the pixies away. She's safe! But now there are other things to worry about.

In an effort to protect her unborn brother, Ivy strikes a deal with the creepy little pixie who trapped her before. But when she finds herself in a family of disappearing princesses, Ivy throws the fairy tale on its ear to save the kingdom from a destructive love spell.

August 1, 2013

You can hold it in your hands now!

Guess what came in the mail?

Yeah, it's a little early, but I can't wait any more. The Fairy Tale Trap (Ivy Thorn book 1) is now available in paperback! And just before The Fairy Tale Twist comes out, too. :)

I've been completely immersed in Ivy's fairy tale world as I get The Fairy Tale Twist done. Book 2 will be out in less that 2 weeks and there's other fun stuff that I'm excited about.

By beta readers mentioned a story line or two that were left unresolved at the end of The Fairy Tale Twist. They got me thinking, because 1) they were right, but 2) that's not part of Ivy's story. It doesn't make sense to include it in The Fairy Tale Twist because Ivy isn't all that involved.

But the story needs to be told. And it should be a good one. (I don't know for sure, since I haven't written it yet. Funny how that works.) 

I'd like for Ivy to make an appearance in this companion story, but that depends on how she handles herself in the third book of the series: The Fairy Tale Duel. Cause, you know, she might die or get stuck forever in that new fairy tale or something else really horrible. You never know. ;)

So, yeah. Fairy Tale Trap is out in paperback.
Fairy Tale Twist (ebook) out in a couple weeks.
Fairy Tale Duel will come next year.
Companion book, with characters from book 2, is also in the works.

I've also been asked if the whole series will be out in paperback. I'd love that. It takes a lot of time and banging my head on the desk to get a novel formatted for paperback and get a cover ready and all that. I don't mind doing it (there is some fun involved) but I don't want to give up that much of my writing time if people aren't actually going to read it. So, the answer is: Yes. I'll release the whole series in paperback, as long as the first book sells. I hope you understand it's just a matter of priorities and how I spend my time. There's only so much of it. :)
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