September 9, 2009

Breakneck Speed: Finish a Novel in Four Months?

I did it! I finished Shadow Bound. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard for those four months, but consistency is key. Writing every day, 5 days a week gets results. This novel has made me realize the importance of setting goals. Some of mine?
Edit 15 pages a day (not including new scenes)
Write 500 words a day/2500 words a week (I wound up going way over this, by the way, but setting smaller goals encouraged me to at least sit down and get something done. )
Query at least 5 agents a week (still working on this one)

50,000 words is a little shorter than I would have liked, but for the genre, it fits the range. Now, all I need to do is submit to agents and gracefully handle rejections until I get an offer. Keep your fingers crossed!


wildheart90(from HtTS) said...

Considering I have not finished a project in quite some time...I have no idea if I could complete a book that fast. But congrats on finishing! That is a major accomplishment! Are you confident that it was ready for submission? Or are you having any doubts? I would be extremely happy on one hand...but severely stressed also.

Olivia said...

Congrats! Can I read it? Very curious to see where you've gone with the story...

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