September 3, 2009

Question & Answer: Where are you in the process?

I thought I'd do a short update post in response to a comment on my post How to Submit and Query Agents, Part 3:

Wow, Emily. I like your blog. It has a lot of useful information. I have a question for you: Have you actually started the Query process? Or are you working on your Query letter? Have you gotten any bites? I'm interested to know what you are going through right now with your novel and if you think you spent enough time revising it or not.

Thanks, I'm glad to hear my blog is helpful! I queried for my last manuscript (a lot). No bites on that one.
For my current project, I'm compiling a list of possibilites (I have about 20 so far). I'm also working on my query letter in between editing sessions. I think it's pretty polished up at this point and may be done.
I think Holly's one-pass is working really well, but I think I'll print it out when I'm done and read through it (maybe out loud) to catch any little things I may have missed.


wildheart90 (from HtTS) said...

It's pretty much agiven first manuscripts are crap. Writer's like Dean Koonz, Stephen King and many others have plenty of them that never saw the light of day.
The trick is to continue writing even after receiving a rejection slip, even after learning you have to move on to something else.
Which is what you did. And, from what I've seen of your story, it is something that will interest agents. Good luck!

Olivia said...

I'd love to read it when you're ready for feedback again, I'm interested to see what form it's taken...

I am dreading going through the query process again, that's part of the reason I'm going to this conference, also part of the reason I'm mentally outlining my next book already...writing a new novel is less daunting to me than getting this novel published!

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