September 15, 2009

How to Submit and Query Agents, Part 4

Since I'm really focusing on this at the moment, I've found a few extra tidbits on querying and finding an agent. (If you're interested in this, you can go back to Part 1 of this series.) Since I've already given you all I know on the subject, I'll just post what I've found during the last couple weeks or so.

Get Published Now has a mailing list you can sign up for. Several, in fact. You can choose what areas you're most interested in.

Molli Nickell does a lot for rising authors, especially when it comes to breaking in. Her blog, The Query Letter Wizard, focuses on--you guessed it--query letters. Everything from when to submit to how to craft and polish your letter.

Hope these help! I'm still submitting, but haven't heard back. The world of publishing works on a different clock. It could be several weeks before I even get a reply. I may start planning my next book a little early. :)


wildheart90(from HtTS) said...

That's some helpful advice! I'll go check out her blog.
As for your query letters you've been sending out...some agents take MONTHS to respond to them. But I've found agents that will respond within a week. So you never really know when you'll get the answer!
Kepp sending out those queries! And I don't think starting the planning process for your new project is a bad idea at all! It'll keep you from obsessing too much!
Good luck!

Olivia said...

Are you doing snail mail or e-mail? Some agents prefer one over the other.

Longest Query response I've had: just shy of seven months. A few never responded. Good luck and best wishes!

Unknown said...

Oh, definitely email. So few agents will even take snail mail any more. There are a few, but it's my personal opinion that an agent should be more internet savvy.

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