November 10, 2009

Got Titles?

In the midst of this flurry of words and writing, start thinking about a title. If you already have one, try plugging it into Lulu's Titlescorer.

Using the information you give it about your title, it will compare it to books that have been published in the past, their titles, and how well they sold and it will tell you how likely it is that your title is best-seller material.

But remember: it takes more than a great title to make a best-seller.


Olivia said...

Yeah, I am title-less at the moment. :( Will be brainstorming that soon.

Unknown said...

Me too, but this tool may help in the process. I have several motiffs/themes/images I could work into my title, but nothing has stuck yet.

Tori said...

The title I have right now is more of a place holder than anything. One thing I have noticed is coming up with a good title is extremely difficult for me to do. Which probably isn't a good thing. Please say other writers have this problem?

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, it's very hard for me, too. Finding the perfect "it" title is pretty much impossible. If it's anything like my last two books, you just agonize and think and play with words until you go, "THAT'S IT!"

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