December 12, 2009

Contest: Book Give Away!

I have a confession to make:

I'm a really slow reader. A big problem is that I don't set aside large chunks of time to read, but even when I do, I'm lucky to finish a book in two weeks.

As a result, I have a HUGE pile of books next to my bed. My immediate to-read pile. (Some of them are on the reading list scrolling in the bottom left corner of the blog.)

So, to get my butt into gear, I'm going to hold a contest. I'm about to finish The Ruby Key by Holly Lisle.
If you would like to have my copy, fill out the form below. COMMENTS DON'T COUNT. You have to fill in the form to be counted.

You get points for...

Twitting about the contest (+2)

Posting about the contest on Facebook (+2)

Blogging about the contest (+4)

Follwing this blog (+2 for old followers, +1 if you join now)

Putting this contest on blog roll/side bar of your blog (+5)

For being referred (+1)

Each person who says they referred you (+2)

Remember, if you use twitter or facebook or a blog, please include the URL in the space provided. Otherwise, I can't verify and it won't be counted.

Enter by January 21, 2010.
I'd like to hold a lot of contests like these. We're planning on moving in the spring, so it would be nice to get rid of a bunch of books that I've already read.

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