February 6, 2010

If You Write for Younger Audiences...

Have I got a post (or two) for you!

I was wandering around, looking for goodies to share with my fellow-writers when I found a couple of posts specifically for YA/middle grade authors. I know these genres aren't the same, but I figured you probably write for one or the other if you're reading this blog. (Maybe not. Let me know.)

So first, a pretty funny and enlightning post on parent archetypes found in young adult (and I'd like to add: middle grade) books. It's amazing, but 99% of parents in YA books fall into one of these categories. Granted, there are a lot of categories, but still.... I thought it would be nice to know what the categories are, so you can use them at appropriate times (or deviate from them if you can).

And here is an invaluable resource: Market My Words interviews young adults about what they like, what they buy, and what they're sick of in Guest Post: Michelle Zink shares her Teen Data

And if you write for middle grade readers, Kristi Holl has compiled an article on knowing your audience and what exactly goes on in middle school kids' brains (and what's been done to death).

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