June 18, 2010

Excited About a New Project :)

It's Saturday. It snuck up on me, so quick post for today. Sorry folks.

I started a new project that I'm really excihed about. I want to make sure I have enough raw material before I post anything about it, but I will *eventually* post a one or two-sentence hook under My Projects. Right now it's just an idea and a few scenes.

I started writing in third person, but it doesn't quite feel right, so next week I'll try the same scene in first.

With this new project, my short fiction, and a baby on the way, I may have to cut my blogging down to twice a week. I hope not.

**Edited to add: Okay, I thought it was Saturday ALL DAY yesterday and woke up today (real Saturday) thinking it was Sunday. It wasn't until DH reminded me we DIDN'T have church that I realized. Can I blame pregnancy brain for this?

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