March 10, 2011

Get Yourself to a Conference (How About A Free One?)

I can't tell you how amazing writer conferences are. You seriously need to just go to one. Pennwriters is fantastic, and I'd love to see you there, but if you can't make it, look for another one.

There's also WriteOnCon. It's a totally free, online conference that happens in August. They have regular live events and will have a bunch of agents and writers at the big event. Check it out!


Stina said...

I'm really excited about this one. :D

Unknown said...

I wish I could get to more conferences, but this is one I know I can make! See you there!

Prue said...

An online conference sounds great. I'd love to see you all at the Pennwriters but it's a long, long way for me to go. I'll be off to Winchester or York next year, hopefully (dusts off the piggybank and drops a coin or two in).
Enjoy the conference Emily and see you at the online one!

Unknown said...

This is so exciting! See you all there and make sure to tell your friends.

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