May 11, 2011

More Goodies to Come!

Well, what a week!

I went to the hospital, so I don't have much planned as far as blog posts go. (I'm fine. Just got one of those pesky non-essential organs removed.) BUT I don have Pennwriters tomorrow!

I love writer conferences. You learn so much and get a feel for where the market is right now. But more than that, you get a sense of commradere. You realize that a lot of people are going through the same thing you are. And it's encouraging. I leave feeling like what I'm doing is worthwhile. And it reminds me how much I love writing.

I'm going to take lots of notes at my Pennwriters conference (which, did I mention?, starts tomorrow!), but I'm not planning on posting until I can get those up. Hopefully, there won't be any gap and I can post in a couple of days.

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