June 11, 2011

My Three Sisters Garden

 I'm growing some veggies and a few flowers in my yard. I like growing things. I love the smell of the dirt and how thirsty plants suck up all the water on a hot day. Baby green leaves shooting up out of the ground are just so beautiful. And the really great thing about growing vegetables is: you get to eat them!

So this spring, I planted a garden. Not just any garden. I planted a Three Sisters Garden. This is a Native American tradition, I think. Basically, you plant corn, then some pole beans and squash. The beans put nitrogen into the soil, the corn gives the beans something to climb, and the squash provides ground cover, which keeps out the weeds.

Marigolds keep the bugs away.

 I planted the corn first to give it a head start, then planted the beans and squash.

The newspaper isn't pretty, but it cuts down on weeds.

Baby squash plants. Took about 2 weeks to get this big from seed.

So yes, the writer lives outside the words in her brain. :) I don't spend much time outside, but I try to get out every couple of days to water and weed my little garden.

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