September 13, 2011

Blog Changes? I need input!

I've been doing some thinking (and reading and praying) about this blog. I love this blog. It's a great outlet and you readers are so supportive. (And awesome. And did I mention attractive?) Right now I post every three days. That's my schedule and, for the most part, I stick to it. So right now, I'm asking you, my reader, to be honest and speak up. How often do you check this blog for updates? Would you feel like you were missing out if I posted, say, once a week, or once every two weeks?

1 comment:

Alex said...

Personally, I like regular updates, but those only because they'll be interesting. If you were to, say, do one long post once a week I'd get the same pleasure from reading that.

Also, I'm not heartless (how can I be after those great compliments!?) so I understand when bloggers have calls beyond in real life and that means they can't write as much, exspeically if they are full-time writers and parents and who knows what else!

I'll whatever you write, whenever you choose to write it and I think people will do the same.

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