December 13, 2011

Want to See an Awesome Book Cover?

Congratulations to Ryan for creating a truly awesome book cover!

There were some great entries. Thanks so much for entering the contest. When The Fairy Tale Trap comes out, I'll send you a free copy as a thank you. :)

Some of the other covers (in no particular order):

I love this one. It came in a very close second.


Jenn said...

Love the cover!

Alex said...

That is an amazing cover, and it looks so professional too. I could never have made something like that. Ryan, you're a treasure.

Rabia said...


I love the font choice. It makes the cover look very professional.

Prue said...

I love the rainbow colours, the movement and the sense of tension that the cover conjours up. It's awesome and so fits what the book is about.

Passive Income Author said...

Amazing job Ryan! Would look right at home alongside a book produced by any of the big six publishers.

Anonymous said...

I really love your book cover. It's a real eye catcher!

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