February 6, 2012

Breaking Fairy Tales (Blog Tour)

Amy Laurens is a Twitter friend who needs some maternity leave. So today call for a guest post. If you've ever wanted the full story about how I started breaking fairy tales, this is the post.
My main character, Ivy Thorn, was born on my blog. I was suffering from pregnancy brain at the time and didn’t feel like I could write long fiction, so I let Ivy tear apart a few fairy tales.

Of course, Ivy had to put her own spin on things. She’s not the type to sit back and let the fairy tale run its course. The thing I’m most proud of was when (in an early blog draft, not The Fairy Tale Trap) Ivy found herself stuck in the story: Snow White. She suggested that instead of going to all that trouble to kill Snow White, the queen should just use a spell to make Snow White ugly. It just made more sense!


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