April 3, 2012

Fear of Genre Hopping - Fairy Tales and Zombies?

You may or may not have noticed the updated 'Sample Chapters' page. I've included a link to Cinderella and Zombies, which is due to come out later this spring. This book is WAY outside my comfort zone. I didn't even think I liked zombies a year ago.

There's a scared little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me that people aren't going to like Fairy Tales + Zombies. Or that the people who loved The Fairy Tale Trap are going to hate my zombie fairy tales and never read my work again. (Have no fear. I'm still working on The Fairy Tale Twist. I promise.)

But should I really let those concerns keep me from writing something new?

I hope to be the kind of author that readers want to be curious about. What will she come out with next? If my readers don't LOVE everything I write, that's okay

Maybe I'll write the time travel romance that keeps swimming around in my head. Maybe you'll hate it. If that's the case, I hope to have the kind of readers who will say, "She's better at fantasy. I'll stick with those."

I think I'll always keep coming back to YA fantasy. That's where my heart is. But I also want to branch out. I want to write stuff just for fun, because I hope other people will also think it's fun.

So. If you think there's a chance that you'll like Cinderella and Zombies, please read the sample chapters. If you like them, leave your email in the comments on the sample chapter page. When the book comes out, I'll email you a coupon for a discount on Cinderella. It's a thank you for trying something new.


Nicole L Bates said...

Emily, while I have not yet been fortunate enough to read your work I can tell you that I love novelty. I enjoy reading about new worlds, new ideas, and I particularly like when authors branch out. If I know I like their writing style I will read anything by that person. Nothing is worse than trying to muck through a ten book series that never changes. Good for you for trying something new.

Rory said...

Please write the time traveler romance! Because 1. I get so excited about those -so that's a purely selfish reason- but 2, if its important to you chances are high that it will be important to someone else too! My fiancee always tells me that I am a happier person when I'm writing what I love so he definitely benefits from that and maybe those around you will benefit from you writing what you are dying to say. Not to mention those who love your works! Best of luck to you! And you can count on me reading anything you have to write just from pure curiosity and that fact that I love your writing voice/style!

Unknown said...

Wow, Nicole. Thank you so much! That means a lot, to hear that from a reader. As a writer, you know the process. I have to work out the details of this TTRomance to see if the story will work. But as of right now, it's on my list of books to write!

So the plan is:
Spring: Cinderella and Zombies
Summber: The Fairy Tale Twist
Fall: Have a baby
Winter: Take care of the baby/myself and slowly start work on the time travel book
Spring 2013: Ivy Thorn book 3

(subject to change if the baby is a booger)

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