November 27, 2012

FAIL and WIN: Writing a Male Character

I want to write a book where the POV character is a guy. Because guys think differently. They'll take the same situation, but make the story completely different.

Unfortunately, every time I start a book with a male POV, my brain shuts down. I lose interest. And eventually, I give up on the book. Even if the concept is cool, even if I think the character has a distinct voice, there's something about those stories that falls flat. So I have two or three unfinished stories that I have no desire to even look at any more. Sad, huh?

So basically, I can't write male characters. At least, not in-depth. Not characters that I have to get close to or fully fall in love with.

Until The Fairy Tale Twist.

Somehow, I managed to create a character I LOVE (Riker) who is going through the same thing Ivy is--he's trapped in a fairy tale. But he has a completely different attitude about it. And because of that, his experience is completely different, including his relationship with his pixie. He's smart, but he's also impulsive (kinda like Ivy) but he's impulsive in a different way. It's not a stubborn, I-do-it-because-I-can kind of impulse. It's more of I-do-what-pops-into-my-head-because-that's-how-I-do-things kind of thing.

Do you have trouble with characters of the opposite gender? Which are your favorite? Have you read a book recently where the author failed to capture that gender?


Patricia JL said...

I love writing from the male POV and all the stories I come up with have male POV. Only one story I want to do something with has female POV and it alternates. My earlier stuff was female POV, but the stories were inconsistent and had plot holes. Male POV comes easier to me.

Unknown said...

It's funny the way that works. I wish I could write male POV. But I grew up with 3 sisters. I'm doomed, I guess.

Patricia JL said...

You might be. =O
I had 2 sisters and 1 brother.

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