June 23, 2011

Grandma's Garden

My grandma is an amazing gardener. She lives in central Florida and grows just about anything. She's a big inspiration for me with my gardening. We went to visit my grandparents not too long ago and I took a bunch of pictures.
Container gardening at it's finest. Grandma will use anything as a
planter: old bathtubs, barrels, water drums, you name it. 
I love this little pond they made. There are some fish and
the little pile of rocks in the back sometimes has water trickling out from it.

More containers. Tomatoes and herbs, mostly.
These are in Grandma's little greenhouse.

Please take as many kumquats as you want!
Grandma makes really good kumquat preserves.

She has a Three Sisters Garden of her own.
(Hers is so much better than mine.)

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