April 13, 2009

My Current Project

I've started work on my next project, which as of yet lacks a title. But here's the gist of it:
My main character Rachel (no connection to any real persons) can see the dead before they pass on to the after life. There are reasons for this, but I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to explain why. One ghost in particular is different. It seems Nathan has no unfinished business. Rachel and Nathan grow closer, unable to touch, unable to share their relationship with anyone else, until Rachel finds herself in a life and death situation. Nathan is unable to get the attention of anyone who might be able to help. In an act of desperation, he is able to save her. Now he has a physical body, but there are other complications.

First, he can't tell anyone his past or they'd lock him in a mental institution. Second, there are the shadow people--spirits too evil to merit a body--who want to know how Nathan did what he did. Third, a group of self-proclaimed knights (who fight against the shadow people) believe that Nathan has possessed the body of an innocent victim.
And... that's just about all the plot I have so far.

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