June 17, 2010

Snow White and Ivy Thorn: Part 1

So I wake up, but I'm not in my bed. It should be morning, but it's not. I mean, it's light outside and everything (I would know. I'm in the middle of some field somewhere.) But it's not like most mornings.

Usually, people wake up in their beds with light streaming through their windows. They get up, use the bathroom, get dressed, eat breakfast. You know, the usual. But today I wake up covered in dew. In the grass. Outside. And I'm not much for camping.

I get up and stretch. No, I'm not freaked out.

Oh, did I mention that every now and then I sometimes wake up in a fairy tale? Yeah.

If I want to get home, I have to either wait until the story is over (which can take a long time. Some of these things last years.) or I can go home if the story is irreversibly changed.
That's my little trick. Sometimes, I have to get my hands dirty. You'll see what I mean if I can just figure out what fairy tale I'm in.

Part 2/3 of Snow White and Ivy Thorn


J.A.Crawford said...

Fun to see this. I'm liking your blog, and was curious to see some prose.

Unknown said...

Thanks! This was fun. I hope to keep it up for a while. It's a great outlet.

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