July 17, 2010

Officially, I'm Just Too Pregnant.

I've officially made it to the 8-month mark and boy, do I feel it. My mental stamina is about as low as my physical stamina, so I'm officially taking "maternity leave" from this blog. I'll still post, just not as regularly until things return to normal.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading. I'll be back ASAP. You guys are great.


Rabia said...

I'm impressed at all the work you've done in HTRYN and how you've kept up with this blog while pregnant. I always turned into such a zombie with all three of my pregnancies.

Enjoy your time off!

Unknown said...

You're so sweet :) I'm hoping to post weekly, but I thought you all deserved fair warning if it doesn't happen.

Prue said...

Great that you went on with HTRYN and your blog story for so long! I miss and you'll be back one day. Until then, take good care.

Unknown said...

Emily--best wishes for a safe and easy delivery. You are doing a wonderful thing, making sure your daughter won't be an only child. Take it easy, well as easy as possible. See you back in a couple of months? :)TX

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