August 16, 2010

Quick Update

I had my baby this week. 9 pounds, 5 ounces. I'm exhausted, but I made it! It's all downhill from here, right? The sleeping thing will only get better. That's what I tell myself. It's amazing how 2 hours of sleep can feel so good. But my little guy is so worth it.

I'm still not ready to write yet. Most of what I do on the computer needs to be done with one hand. (I'm always doing something!)

My apologies to all you readers out there. I was having so much fun with Ivy and my other posts. It will come back, I promise.


mo said...

CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you! Goodness, though, he was big. :O :D

It might be hard, but I'm sure you'll love it. Have fun!

Brittany said...

Congratulations! :)

Rabia said...


Unknown said...


You've given the little one a great start--9 pounds, 5 ounces! I'm so very happy for you, and I hope your mother and mother-in-law are there to pamper you a little bit and to keep your first child from feeling left out. Rest up, don't think about writing, just savor this time. We'll be patient and wait for your return whenever you feel ready. Woohoo! Congratulations, Emily!

Katharina Gerlach said...

Take your time. Recover. We'll look forward to you. Hugs from Germany.

Unknown said...

Congratulations. I'm so happy for you.

Prue said...

Congratulations Emily!
Best wishes to you both.


Margo Berendsen said...

Okay, I'm really late to say congratulations, but better late than never! Hope by now your sleeping as increased from 2 hours!

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Emily!

Congrats on your baby boy. He's a month old today, right?

How are you guys doing? Are you settled into a routine? I'm so happy for you.

Have a blessed day.


Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

Things Sent My Way said...

Congratulations! That great, typing with one hand will be more than worth it.

Rest up too! You and baby be well!

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