March 1, 2011


I know how to hypnotize people.

Seriously. I studied under a hypnotherapist for two years. While I'm not actually a licensed hypnotherapist, I know a lot about the subject.

I know hypnosis is a mystical thing to most people and I know some are interested and curious about it. Some of you may want to use it in your fiction.

So I'd like to know: what questions do you have about hypnosis?


Kari Marie said...

How does it work? Is it an extended sleep phase? I've never been hypnotized, but I heard someone say you would never do something hypnotized that you wouldn't do when awake.

Unknown said...

That's true. No one can make you do anything you don't want to do (like murder someone and make you forget you ever did it).

You're not asleep when you're hypnotized. You're awake, otherwise you wouldn't be able to hear anything that was being said. During hypnosis, your attention is turned inward.

You probably have done self-hypnosis before. When you "zone out" and lose your sense of time, that's usually a hypnotic state.
Maybe it's happened while you were driving. You're suddenly home and don't remember making all those turns, but you must have. Not exactly safe, but ... that's a hypnotic state.

Sari Webb said...

I don't have any specific questions about hypnosis, but I'm looking forward to seeing the answers to everyone else's.

Prue said...

How can it be used for the benefit of the person undergoing hypnosis?

And can all people be hypnotised?

Unknown said...

Hypnosis can be used for anything, really. It's a way to harness the power of the mind. I've seen it work to help people quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress. I've also heard of it battling disease and psychological disorders.

Not all people can be hypnotized. Those who don't believe it will work will be right. (It's the power of the mind, remember?) But even if you're willing and have a some faith, some people are just easier to hypnotize than others. With some work, I'd guess 80% of people who want to be hypnotized can.

Alex said...

What is an actual procedure for hypnosis?

I read the post, and attempted a short story with hypnosis playing a part. I read it and it sounded cliché. If I use it, I would like to know how to make it realistic.

Unknown said...

That could take some time to explain. I'll work on putting something together.

Alex said...

Thank you for the dedication to that-truly- but don't do it if it seems a chore! I was curious, but Curiosity killed the Cat!

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