April 11, 2011

Getting Nit Picky with Your Manuscript

So, when you think you have your basic plot nailed down and everything is in its place, what's that last step? Line editing! (Oh joy. Rapture.)

To help out with this oh-so-fun task, I have a few links to share. (Hey, it's what I do.)

The Infinite Checklist of Writing Tips has all those things you tend to forget, like eliminating "felt" and "started to". Excellent source to keep on hand.

Something I struggle with (especially when I write present-tense) is Cutting the Passive Voice, courtesy of Jennifer Walkup.

And you know those annoying words and phrases that everyone gets wrong? Altogether vs. all together, adverse vs. averse, bemused vs. amused. Yeah, here's a list of them: More Commonly Misused Words. Thank you to people like Meghan Ward. You keep me sane.

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