April 17, 2011

Synonyms: Finding Another Word For 'Walked'

One of my pet peeves with first drafts is that I always use "He walked here." or "She walked over there." So for a creative exercise, I set the timer for ten minutes and wrote as many words as I could think of that were more specific than 'walked'.

I started off with words like ran, skipped, crept, crawled, dragged, and dashed. The last five minutes had some pretty great ones. Waltzed, meandered, stumbled, snaked, and clamored. I think I came up with 54 words total. (I'll have to double-check, but I don't have my list.)

What common words plague your first drafts?

Got any other great synonyms for 'walked'?


Prue said...

...and then

I'd like to erase those two words from the English language :D

Otherwise, I have phases of using a certain word or phrase. Sometimes I'm aware of over-using it, sometimes not.

The overall effect is nests of a particular phrase used again, and again, and again...

Unknown said...

They have word analysis tools that can show you frequently-used words or phrases in your book. Maybe give it a shot?

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