February 21, 2012

Runners Love Crappy Weather

The sky was overcast, grey, and what most people would call dismal. It was sprinkling rain off and on all morning, and there was a chill breeze. With that much humidity, you could practically drink the air.
I got to the track for a speed workout. Lane 1 had a few puddles. Not a big deal, considering lanes 1-4 are reserved for FSU's track team anyway.
As I set my things down and got my stopwatch ready, a guy walked onto the track. You know the type: shirtless, young, and muscled. Clearly an athlete, a gym rat, or both, but not a runner. He gave an exasperated look, made some comment about the weather, and left!

But I stayed. I'd driven all the way out to the track, someone else was watching the kids, and I only have so much time per week to do what I want.

By the time I finished my warm-up the drizzle felt pretty good. It wasn't even enough to soak my clothes. The wind was refreshing and felt especially nice on my back. I would rank today as one of the top 5 best runs of my life. And this guy went home.

Sometimes Ivy gets thrown into crappy situations. What does she do? Well, she doesn't smile happily and make lemonade and all that stuff. (Does anybody REALLY do that?) She takes that crappy situation and knees it in the groin. She fights back and she enjoys it. Ivy doesn't always make the smartest decisions, but the thing I love about her is her tenacity. And that she makes me laugh in the middle of horrible situations.
So here's to crappy conditions. May you knee the next one right where it counts.


Ellie said...

Oh absolutely! I love this post.
In the few years I've lived in midland (a desert town) I've only ran in the rain 3 times, and all three times I HAD to be out there I couldn't miss it. But it does get windy here too, which drives most runners inside but I just put my chin down and call it a good resistance workout, aka, knee it in the groin. :)

cha said...

All I can say is, "F*** yeah."

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