January 12, 2010

Writing While Pregnant (and chasing a toddler)

Yay! We're pregnant with our second child. I'm due August 17th and am so thrilled!

So I've been battling morning sickness (and evening sickness), exhaustion (I crash at 2pm), and my little girl who is growing up so fast. She's so busy and deserves every attention I can spare. Plus we got a dog last month--a five month old German Shepherd--so we're still training him. (By the way, we're not moving to the Philippines. I will not give birth in a third world country away from my family.)

So it's no wonder I haven't found times to write much this last month! I think I have my priorities where I want them. A healthy pregnancy comes first. That includes setting time aside to exercise and go to bed early when I need to. It's really going to cut into writing time, especially since my little girl's naps are getting shorter. I just have to deal with it because this is what I want.

I did manage to make some progress with Song of the Muse. I think I posted in a comment earlier that I need to take a few steps back from both my books and edit on the scene level. Forget about syntax and even voice right now. I need to make sure each scene has everything it needs. I need to raise the stakes, up the conflict, use cause and effect to put my heroine in impossible dilemmas.

You get the idea.

I think I got about a dozen scenes mapped out, including two or three new ones. Progress is progress. And as my friend Olivia pointed out: If I finish this by April/May, it will be my second in a year! Not bad...


The Miller Family said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting! Hope your morning (and evening) sickness goes away soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks! The nausea is actually gone now. (Yay!)

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