January 23, 2010

Writing with Music

I was wondering about music and writing. Some writers need total silence, others need constant background noise. And of course some of us are in between. I like working in quiet or with very soft music in the background that's relevant to what I'm writing--whether it's the mood of the piece or if it happens to be the kind of music my main character would listen to.

I find that music can help me with voice. If I listen to music my character would listen to, it makes it a lot easier to understand that character's reaction to the scene. It's kind of fun.

What about you?


Ailsa said...

I find I have to have something on in the background - either music, or funnily enough, action films. You would have thought that films would be distracting, but it makes me write faster. For music, I'll either stick a classical album on, or listen to stuff that fits the mood of the bit I'm working on.

Unknown said...

That's interesting. My little girl likes to watch Disney movies. Maybe they would help? :)

Olivia said...

I can write when not listening to music, but if I'm listening to music it has to be a fast tempo...the music influences my writing speed :)

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