August 15, 2011

Free Online Writing Conference? I'm So There!

If you write kidlit (YA, MG, Picture books, Chapter books) you HAVE to be online August 16-18 for the WriteOnCon. It's a totally free, completely online conference. I'm talking blog posts, vlog posts, Live Chats, and Query Critiques. Feedback on your first few pages, your synopsis, and the watchful eyes of agents and editors in the forums.

Seriously. Published authors, agents, editors, and a ton of writers. Why on earth would you miss it?

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Caroline Starr Rose said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

We once checked out a Robert Munsch book called Aaron's Hair. There was a teenage boy named Aaron my boys loved to "play" with who had just shaved his head, so the book, which was already goofy, was especially funny to them.

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