August 20, 2011

Garden FAIL

 Okay, this garden is the worst I've ever done. I got two beans from the entire thing! I thought you may like to laugh at my failed attempt. :) Behold: my future compost!

These are dead corn stalks with bare bean vines wrapped around them. The whole garden pretty much looks like this.


The marigolds did well, at least.

Francis did his job. No rabbits, no birds. Francis is perfect.


Prue said...

Oh wow! Strange as it may seem, this makes me feel better about my gardening attempts this year. It's been...interesting :D
Writing seems to knock most stuff out of my head.

Unknown said...

Sometimes you have to just laugh, I guess. :) Maybe writing sucks away the creative energy we need to garden.

Prue said...

Hadn't thought of laughing...
All I can say is, I'm so very glad I wasn't relying solely on what I tried to grow! :D

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