August 26, 2011

Writing Multiple Books at Once

I've finished another book (sort of) and now I'm planning my next one. I'm eager to start writing it. I want to see where the story leads, what's around that twist I planned, and how my character's personality develops in prose. But I can't start writing until I nail down a few details about my concept.

And while I'm excited to start my zombie book, Ivy (from my "finished" book) demands my attention. (Teenage girls are like that.)

A quick recap: I thought I was done, but it turns out the story could be better. So I'm writing out a few new scenes, I'm going to rearrange a few plot points based on feedback from my critique group, and then I'll polish some prose (again). Then I'll set it aside for a few months and work on my next project. Really.

I want to do Ivy justice. She deserves it. But after I make some changes, Roses and Mirrors needs some time to cool off, I think.

It's hard. I want to make sure I do the best thing for my books. I'm just not always sure what that is.

One thing I did learn: I can't juggle multiple projects like I thought I could. It'll get easier if I keep at it. Right?


Kate F said...

I've found I can work on different projects when it comes to creating characters, getting a few rough scene ideas down, or plot outline notes. But I can't actually sit down and go from one rough draft to another. I've got to commit and stick to one thing when I'm actually at that point. Once I get a rough draft done, I can put it aside to cool off and go to another idea for a little bit.

Unknown said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. As soon as I started writing new scenes, my planning suddenly seems less interesting.

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