October 10, 2011

Brief Update on the Self-Publishing Schedule

So, just to get you lovely readers caught up, I'm trying to schedule a photo shoot for my book cover. I'm doing another revision before sending it off to a final few readers. And I'm just hoping I don't forget anything.

The plan is to release Ivy's first ebook around Thanksgiving. (I know. So soon!) I'm really excited, but also a bit... terrified. This is so new to me.

While I have your attention: what kind of bonus material would you be interested in?

1 comment:

Rabia said...

Oh, that's so exciting! Ivy's got such a great voice, I'm sure she'll do fine.

Bonus material, let me see. Some suggestions in no particular order:

* other works of yours--maybe a short story, or excerpt from another novel (like perhaps a sequel to Ivy's book?)
* excerpt of another book similar to yours
* an interview with you
* I know enhanced e-books are the Next Great Thing, including original soundtracks, games, animations, illustrations... but that's out of reach for most of us. Still, if you're a musician, you could compose a few original pieces.

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