October 18, 2011

On the Road to Self-Publication:The Unknown

I'm making plans for the release of Ivy's book. The title Roses and Mirrors doesn't seem to do justice to Ivy's voice, so I'm playing around with that. At the moment, The Fairy Tale Trap appeals to me, but I'm open to suggestions.

The idea of self publishing has put me in a weird place, emotionally. I'm torn between I'm-So-Excited and Wow-This-Is-Scary. The book won't come out until late November/early December, but it feels right around the corner. I want to make sure the book is as close to perfect as I can make it.

This is the road to self-publication. It's chock-full of fear. I have to wonder: is my manuscript good enough? Should I send it to agents one more time? What's going to happen?

I think it's that unknown factor that makes self-publishing so exciting and stressful at the same time. It's a gamble. On one hand, I could have amazing success. On the other, I might sell two copies to my mom and that would be the end of it.

Would that be so bad though, if I learned something? If I even got one review on Amazon that mentioned one thing that I didn't know, would it be worth it? I mean, it would be horribly disappointing, but still. I'm doing most of the production on my own. I'm trying not to spend a ton of money on this.

But I think that learning from all this is key. Maybe I'll learn about a weakness that's been holding me back. Perhaps I'll learn about a strength that will launch my next book into success. Or maybe I'll learn that self-publishing isn't for me. (I hope it's not that last one, but if it's true, better to learn it sooner rather than later.)

The unknown is scary. But it's also promising.


Rabia said...

I've made no commitments to self-publishing, but I have seriously considered it. You describe many of my fears and hopes. One moment it's like "Thousands of readers will love my work!" and the next it's "No one will buy my book and I'll be a miserable public failure!"

It's a step that takes a lot of courage. I'll be cheering you on. I already enjoy Ivy's voice a lot and will definitely buy a copy!

I like the sound of The Fairy Tale Trap as a title. Seems to fit your voice and story.

Unknown said...

Traditional publishing has a lot to offer. If a great agent offered representation right now, I'd probably say yes. I feel strongly that I should pursue self-publishing, but whether or not I succeed, or even actually get there, is to be seen.

The decision came with a lot of praying. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the courage to leap into this.

But yeah, you nailed what I'm feeling. When I start to feel nervous, I tell myself I'm actually just excited. (Sometimes it works and I believe myself.)

Prue said...

It seems self-publishing is the way to go. You're right, it takes courage...as does anything new. It's a step into the unknown...but you're not alone.

Don't forget Holly's words: the book doesn't have to be perfect! It's the best you can do at this moment.

And like Rabia, I'm on the waiting list for the book :)

Don't forget to tell everyone on Holly's forum.

Prue said...

Why am I finding it necessary to remind you of things you already know???
Apologies for sounding just like my mother :D

Unknown said...

No, it's okay. I needed that reminder. I sometimes feel weird about advertising myself amongst a group of writers because, well, we all write books, so what's the big deal.

I sometimes forget how supportive our community is. :)

Joy said...

Good luck, Emily! And good for you, having the guts to get your work out there!! :)

Laura said...

I have self-published. There are pros and cons. If you self-publish, you have control over EVERYTHING- look, editing, promotion, profit. Getting published is a big legitimacy builder, but you might be surprised at how little a publisher does to promote you. Success is really up to you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Inky!

I've heard horror stories about bad covers and no promo budget, but one thing that I like about self-publishing is that I KNOW I'm fully responsible for EVERYTHING. Sometimes I wonder if I would be as aggressive with marketing, branding, etc... if I wasn't completely in charge.

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